Tancament Tasting drops
Tancament Tasting drops


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High quality MUSHROOMS PACK at low price

Take a trip through the gastronomy of Catalonia!

Tasting Drops is an on-line shop that aims to promote worldwide the most typical gastronomic products of Catalonia.

It also tries to provide the opportunity to Catalans who live far from this area of tasting again those products that are so much missed.

The idea of this on-line shop is originated because of programs such as ‘Afers Exteriors’, ‘Españoles en el mundo", “Callejeros viajeros”, etc., where the protagonists are always asked: ‘What are you missing from home?’. The answer is often (apart from friends and family, good weather and beach) ‘the FOOD’.

Catalonia, thanks to its position and geographical features, enjoys a wide variety of microclimates that allows it to cultivate and raise all the ingredients of the MEDITERRANEAN DIET.

Catalonia has mountains (Pyrenees, Montseny, etc.), sea (all the eastern part sees the Mediterranean Sea), flatlands (Pla d'Urgell, Delta del Ebro, Plana de Vic) and rivers. This allows the irrigated crops, the livestock breeding, a wide variety of mushrooms and the fishing of specific fish and seafood of the area.

We must add that Catalonia has accumulated experiences of all cultures that have passed through there: Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Muslims, etc., from who it also has adopted recipes and traditions.

Thus, Tasting Drops, apart from being a tool to be able to get easier that food that is not in the country where you live, it is a way to discover Catalonia by means of the palate.